Some comedy videos I've written. (Full reel here.)

Laurie (IFC web series), episode: "The Fridge"

Big Thick Ideas (Above Average series), episode: Esca-stopping

Who's Better: LeBron Or This Guy? (feat. Bobby Moynihan)

Big Thick Ideas (Above Average web series), episode: Depression

Hardest Job (web series), episode: Jerry Jones Cameraman

This Man Has a Disease But It Didn’t Stop Him From Writing (written in a day for SketchCram)

Red Autumn (IFC web series) episode "Lincoln Center"

Waiting for Santa ( web series) episode: "I Speak Spanish"

Hardest Job (web series), episode: Cleveland Browns Cheerleader

Simple Bear Safety Tips

Exit Interview (short film

Overly Ambitious Ensemble Drama

Remember When (web series): Michael Jordan’s Hitler Mustache

The New York City That Exists In My Mom's Mind

Spanish Class Homework

Pink Cigarettes

Snow (short film)

The Inception of Attack Ads

The Tanking Anthem (music video)

LEAKED: Olympic Village Orientation

Desperate Domino's Pizza Ad

Emotional Extra

Surveillance Sandwich

Cleaning Guy With No Perspective

Jennifer Lawrence: Promising Hip Actor Disease

First Base (web series), episode "Hard to Get"

Joe Flacco Book Reading

Honest Party

The Vase (note: the vase "accidentally" broke before the sketch)

Sports with Jed (web series), episode "Lucky Pen"

Hot Sauna

Bathroom Security

Flag on the Play (web series), episode "Grammar"